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My Dear Friends,

You may notice I began this msg differently than in the past. That is because it is a different message. No jokes here. This is not for fun. I am as serious as a heart attack and if I have any credibility with you at all I implore you to read what I'm about to say. This is the highest truth I've learned in my 56 years on this earth and I want you to know it.

There is some serious brain washing going on in this country and I'm afraid most people don't know, don't care or are too busy to notice. In any event I want to bring some things to your attention. These are facts! Not emotional fantasies.

1. The Clinton Administration, along with the mainstream news media, are systematically brain washing the American public with bias, half truths and outright lies. I'm sure you've heard a nonstop barrage, for the last month or more, about how we must close the loophole in the gun laws to stop kids and criminals from getting guns at gun shows. The Clinton / media would have us believe the GOP and NRA are trying to destroy the nation by opposing this noble law. What they don't tell you and I know you don't know is the law does not say "GUNSHOW" it says EVENT... Now what the hell is an event? Is it the National Matches at Camp Perry? Is it the Olympics?? Is it a Sunday shoot at the local gun club??? Because it is up to someone's whim what an event is and that is what the NRA, and every right - minded American, is fighting about. This has been going on for over 3 decades now and I bet most of you buy into the media hype about "Saturday Night Specials," "Cop Killer Bullets," "Assault Weapons" and on and on. Like the "Bermuda Triangle" these are media fantasies that do not exist, except in the minds of the uninformed. Yet the NRA has been vilified as being against "reasonable" gun control when in fact they have been battling for years to get the vague and unconstitutional hype removed from the laws that Congress has been all too eager to pass.

2. Did you know that part of the Brady Bill passed in 1994 has been struck down by the Supreme Court as Unconstitutional? The Justice that wrote the opinion implied the whole law might be unconstitutional but only the part of the law that was brought before the Court could be judged.

3. The Clinton / media tells us about the 240 thousand felons that have been kept from getting firearms, because of the Brady Bill, every chance they get. What they don't tell us is that for a 3 year period (96, 97 & 98) there were NO prosecutions of felons for violation of that law. Did you know that Federal Law requires ANY Felon, who ATTEMPTS to purchase a firearm to be sentenced to a MANDATORY five year prison term? So why aren't these felons being prosecuted?

4. Clinton, Sarah Brady, Ted Kennedy, Charles Schumer, Diane Feinstein and all the gun-grabbers that support them have stated, very clearly, that the ultimate goal is complete confiscation of all firearms from everyone but the military and police. They are doing this - one little law at a time and when something like Littleton comes along it gives them a wonderful chance to step up their agenda and grab a little more of our freedom. Did you know that the Gun Control Act of 1968 made it illegal for an 18, 19 or 20 year old to purchase a handgun? So what is this current law being debated in Congress really about? I thought the Clinton / Media was "Closing a Loophole!" Don't be fooled by this..

5. Did you know that a Federal Judge, Sam R. Cummings, (US vs Emerson) recently ruled that the Second Amendment guards the INDIVIDUAL right to keep and bear arms? Among other things in his brief he cited the SUPREME COURT ruling in 1990 (US vs Verdugo-Urquidez) that stated the "People" in the Second Amendment has the same meaning in both the Preamble to the Constitution and in the First, Fourth, Fifth and Ninth Amendments. Has the Clinton / media ever told you that?

6. Did you know that for over two years now the IRS has been Auditing the NRA, the Christian Coalition, the Heritage Foundation, Citizens Against Government Waste and Freedom Alliance, along with several other conservative, pro-gun, anti-Clinton groups? Did you know that the IRS has not found anything improper with any of the above organizations yet the audits continue? Our tax dollars going to harass and financially drain opponents of the Clinton / media. Do you hear that on TV? Can you name ONE liberal, pro-Clinton organization that is being audited??

7. Mayor Daley of Chicago, and the mayors of several other cities, are suing gun manufacturers, dealers and others involved with the lawful manufacture and sale of properly licensed firearms. Have you heard about the police and other city officials of Chicago that are being investigated for a drug and gun running ring from Chicago to Miami? The original ATF Agents that uncovered this in 1992 were suspended and have been fighting all this time to get reinstated. Only recently has the Federal Government become involved in the investigation - and that had to be originated from a jurisdiction outside of Chicago. Does anyone sue these cities for failure to keep their administrations free of corruption and for providing proper law enforcement?

8. Did you know the NRA has been the leader in firearms safety and training for more than a Century? Did you know the NRA has the EDDIE EAGLE program that was designed many years ago to teach very small children to not touch a gun if they find one and to get an adult. This program has won many awards for its usefulness and how well young children respond to the cartoon character. The government has been against this program from its inception. Have you heard about it thru the media? Did you know the NRA took up a collection of firearms in 1940 to send to the people of England after all their weapons were lost at Dunkirk and they were afraid of invasion? The US Government wouldn't / couldn't send any because our military had non to spare and it violated our neutrality laws. Did you know England has recently confiscated ALL those weapons, and all others, because they were registered and the government knew where they were? Did you know that England, Canada and Australia have recently banned nearly all weapons, of any kind - for any reason? Did you know the violent crime rates in all three countries have risen, quite noticeably, since confiscation took place??

9. Did you know that the mother of the girl in Colorado that GAVE the two shotguns to the maniacs that did the shooting is an avid member of HCI (Handgun Control International)? I bet not! However, had she been a member of the NRA I would wager the news media would STILL be mentioning it on the evening news every night.

10. Remember back to the shootings in Oregon. The boy that killed his liberal, college educated, school teacher parents and went to school the next day on a rampage. Remember the boy, with a bullet in his chest, who wrestled the gunman to the floor - taking another bullet in the hand in the process? Did you know he, and his little brother that assisted, and his whole family were life members of the NRA? I bet not! The Clinton / media never told you the NRA awarded both boys their highest honor for community service.

I could go on and on for hours, and some of you may already have heard me on a rant before. I beg you to take a step back from your emotional impulses that have been honed to a high peak by the Clinton / media unrelenting assault on the truth. I beg you to research the data for yourself. Read John R. Lott's book "More Guns, Less Crime" or any one of several unbiased, scholarly works by others who show that gun laws only take guns away from the law abiding citizenry thereby making them defenseless against the criminals that couldn't care less about a bunch of laws that now total somewhere around 22,000 nationwide. Did you know the Supreme Court ruled that police have no RESPONSIBILITY to protect an individual from a criminal? If they fail to respond to a call for help they are not liable for damages! So who IS responsible for one's own safety? In child rearing, the parent has the responsibility to raise the child but the government has taken the authority away from the parents to discipline children (except in Oklahoma that just passed a law giving permission for parents to "spank" their children). This has resulted in chaos within the family and community, we are seeing the results of this lame-brained, 30 year experiment in absurdity now. If we, as individual citizens, lose our ability to defend ourselves then who will do it? The government, who is taking our RIGHT to defend ourselves away from us, certainly won't be responsible for that protection!!

Ask yourself this simple question: Did this country have all the hoopla and lawlessness in the 40's and 50' when there were many more guns, per capita, than after the Gun Control Act of 1968 that began this whole degrading of the Second Amendment to the Constitution?

Please call your Representative in Washington at 202-225-3121 and ask him to vote against this knee jerk, emotional and extremely bad (unconstitutional) gun control law now before the Congress.

I love you all and hope this great nation of ours stops this destruction from within before it is too late for the individual to make a difference.

Hugs, Jay

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