April 15, 2013


First, I want to thank you for being my friend and for supporting the Constitution of this country.


In 1953 when I joined the U. S. Army, I swore to defend our Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I took that pledge very seriously, and in the 60 years since I have done my best to do that.


I have had a tremendous response to the comments I made in our weekly e-mail last Wednesday. Six people were so incensed at my saying that I would not continue to mail pro-gun information in the same way that I had done, that they asked to be removed from my list. Two of them said that they would do all that they could to destroy our business. One, a Pastor in PA, said that he controlled 50,000 gun owners in his state and that he would see that they knew what a weak kneed person I am and that they should not do business with me. Jay told me that he would let his thousands of friends on facebook know what a despicable person I am and that they should not do business with me. The other four will never see this message because I marked them “do not mail” at once.


It is impossible for me to describe how I feel about the more then 1,000 of you who stand with me. I am overwhelmed. This list of e-mail addresses was compiled by me by hand. If you had asked me to remove you from my e-mails and are receiving this, it is very much by mistake. Please accept my apology and let me know so I can get you out of this list as well.


Many of you did not read the original e-mail, probably because you do not live in one of the thirteen states to which the e-mails were sent. We have posted those e-mails on my website –theblessingsofliberty.com. I am placing a link here that will take you to a landing page for all thirteen messages. http://theblessingsofliberty.com/articles/article26.html


In the future, I will post my support for the 2nd Amendment on theblessingsofliberty.com so that those interested can link to it. I will then include a link in the e-mails I send out, including our weekly e-mail. As always, I will continue to encourage everyone I know to support the U. S. Constitution.


In that vein, we have designed a small knife to benefit the NRA and will be selling it for $19.95, postage included. We will then donate $10 for each one sold to the NRA. This is the first of several knives that I will do this with. The following is the sales copy that I plan to use when I offer this knife to the public. You are seeing it before anyone else. I will be sending an e-mail to many of my customers next Wednesday in which I will have links to my position on the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution in general.


Goldie and I both believe strongly in the Constitution. Congress, the President and the Media subvert it almost daily. The portion most necessary to a free state is the 2nd Amendment whose strongest advocate is the National Rifle Association, therefore:

We Are Selling This Knife to Benefit the NRA-ILA

The following is the copy that will be used in our marketing of this knife.

Don't Tread On Me


Goldie and I have designed a knife for the pocket or purse, based on my most popular knife ever, the FeatherLite™, One Hand Knife™, lightweight, easy to open and close with only one hand, either hand. We have reduced this to a closed length of 3” with blade of the same high quality steel used in the $50 - $95 knives in our regular knife catalog. This blade has .8% Carbon, 13% Chrome and contains Molybdenum and Vanadium and is heat-treated to 57-59 Rc. This is remarkable in a knife at this price. The checkered and shaped to your hand handle is molded of fiber-glass filled nylon in the color of the butternut dyed clothing of country people of the Revolutionary period. The handle has an inlay with the center of the Gadsden Flag, with the rattlesnake coiled and the original yellow background. The words "Don't Tread on Me" are etched on the blade. The knife is priced to sell to you for only $19.95 each and for each one you buy we will contribute $10 to the legislative arm of the NRA (NRA-ILA) to be used to fight for the rights of the American People.

Don't Tread On Me


The knife is priced to sell for $19.95, in fact a black one with no inlay and a plain blade will soon be in our catalog for exactly the same price.


AGLB-C1GF-F. . . . . . . Gadsden Flag Knife. . . . . $19.95


all the best,


A. G. Russell