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"Call Your Senator"
e-mail sent by A. G. Russell on 4-5-13


Thank you for your response to my comments regarding gun legislation in Notes from A. G. in our regular e-mail on Wednesday, April 10. Many of you had not received one of the e-mails which I sent out on Friday, April 5 asking our customers to contact their U. S. Senator and request that he or she vote against the legislation currently being considered that would limit our rights to own guns. Some of you wanted a copy of what I had sent. We have created this page to allow you to see all thirteen of those e-mails. One was sent to all of our customers in 13 states. Just click on the state or states you want to reference. The formatting is a little messed up, but the content is accurate.

Thank you,

A.G. Russell




North Carolina

South Dakota

West Virginia

New Hampshire




New Mexico




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